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Introducing our new Edgewood Manor Lawn
Designed by Royal G. Cooper, II

Edgewood Manor with a beautiful Bronze Feature of 5 boys in a tree, surrounded by a columbaria of 138 individual niches and 200 upright monument grave areas. 

Our beautiful "Carousel Columbarium" 

featuring double niches in black granite and a beautiful bronze Carousel Horse feature on top. 

website carousel.jpg
website ossuary.jpg

We are proud to present our first Veterans Memorial Lawn section. There are 114 single graves and 272 single urn plots.  We welcome all Veterans and spouses.  There will be a 10 % Veterans discount and no charge for the Veterans marker or foundation. This will be a bronze marker lawn with the 24 X 12 government issued markers. 

New to this area, Riverhurst cemetery would like to present, "Blooming Memories" our new affordable Scattering Garden. This feature has a communal scattering garden featuring two black granite obelisks for name engraving, beautiful natural flower gardens and trees, in a natural peaceful setting.

website ossuary 2.jpg
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